we do commerce

Since 2003, ICUBE has designed, built and implemented
highly customized ecommerce solutions for clients.

We started in 2003 by running our own e-commerce site and then we extended our expertise, experiences and technology to help other retailers. Our team are comprised of the technologists, designers, technical project managers and business strategists. Technology is in our DNA which means we will make sure we choose the right technology for you depending on your need rather than spoon-feed you with our proprietary solution.  




We want to be your "partner" where you can concentrate on what you "do best", which is running your business and we help you doing what we know best, the technology.  

We make sure that you are always well informed about what is available out there, the latest greatest trends and solutions that relevant to your business.

We invest our time to stay on the cutting edge so that we can help you to determine solutions that bring higher ROI to your technology investment.




What that means is we are very nimble and quick to adjust to the dynamic of your needs.   We understand that both retail and technology are running at a very fast paced rate; therefore, we make sure that we move at the same manner.  Weekly meetings, shorter milestones, frequent project deliveries are part of our culture to make sure that you stay up-to-dates to the progress of your project.  



We Love Magento

Magento offers flexible, feature-rich solutions that address a wide range of business sizes, needs and budgets.  From flexible product catalog structure, advanced faceted navigation, powerful rule-based promotion engine, your e-commerce can be up and running in no time.



Magento Professional SolutionS Partner

We are the premier Magento Solutions Partner.  Our clients include those from United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong and Indonesia.  We have over 17 certified developers and all our teams are Magento 2 trained.  We have over 100+ Magento sites both Open Source and Commerce Edition (Enterprise) launched and maintained.  Talk to us to discuss how we can help you with your Magento project.




And Many Others...

Our ten years experience in e-commerce business brought us with so many experiences in a broad array of technology that can help to grow your business.   Here are just the few of thems:  Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Adobe Solutions, Apache SOLR, Wordpress, Drupal, Amazon Web Services, and Shopify.  Our list is growing. As we gain knowledge on new technology, we pass that knowledge along to you.